Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar Partners with foodpanda Philippines

Filipino cuisine giant Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar recently partnered with foodpanda, the world’s leading online food delivery to reach the online community and get them to experience the goodness of Filipino food that Gerry’s is known for, and the seamless service of foodpanda that you can experience via the website,

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“We’ve long wanted to tap the online market especially for our delivery service, and foodpanda came in with the perfect proposal, presenting an easy way to reach the online food lovers via their website and mobile application, and aggressive marketing strategies”, said Francis Villaluz, Sr. Marketing Manager of Gerry’s.

According to Villaluz, the growing usage of smart phones amongst Filipino is the main reason why tapping this market is vital, most importantly for restaurants. “Digital awareness brings in high traffic and enables the customers to get in touch with the restaurant easily, and vice versa,” added Villaluz.

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Mauro Cocchieri, Managing Director of foodpanda Philippines, added that the trend of smart phone usage and social media behavior in the Philippines adds more mileage to restaurants who wishes to partner with foodpanda.

Filipinos spend 171 minutes a day tinkering their smart phones, making Philippines the fastest growing market for smart phones in South East Asia. Facebook usage in the country is also really impressive, with a total of 30 million people using the site each day, online marketing is really an avenue for restaurants to be more visible”, Cocchieri cited.

Likewise, Cocchieri is happy and elated that the partnership pushed through. “We give importance to brand reputation and influence, and given Gerry’s proven track-record and presence in the Filipino food community, this partnership is really something that we’ve looked at a couple of times. Me and my team are really happy with this partnership.”

When asked if Gerry’s is looking into the possibility of partnering their international brands with the global counterparts of foodpanda, Villaluz answered with a positive yes. “Yes, definitely we can see the international branches likewise offering delivery service via foodpanda,” added Villaluz.

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