Giordano Unveils First Local Ambassador – Richard Yap

Giordano Unveils First Local Ambassador – Richard Yap

Richard Yap admits to be a die hard Giordano fan. He claims that he still has the classic Giordano shirt in different colors that he wears at bed time because of it’s cool, comfortable fabric. Even today, Giordano is still his clothing choice for his everyday casual wear.

I’m never the structured type. I always prefer relaxed casual pieces any time. They suit my lifestyle better and I found that I feel much more relaxed when I know that I am well-dressed,” he said.

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It is no surprise that Giordano chose Richard Yap as their first ever brand ambassador because of his clean gentleman look that Giordano represents.  This attitude reflects his personal style which he describes as simple yet stylish, relaxed yet sophisticated, and characterized by clean lines.

Their latest campaign  “World Without Strangers” transcends its origins as an Asian brand and develops trust and strong relationships with consumers across all borders and cultures.


Considering my age, I never thought I’d achieve this much. But I’m thankful for it. So I do my best for every project but I take things as they come and live in the moment,” Yap said.


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