Be A Champion

The internet is a very powerful tool, if used right it can bring you fame and fortune. There internet can also bring nightmares and sleepless nights to victims of cyber bullying. I started blogging in 2008 at i.Ph with no goal or intentions, but to write and express myself. Now, blogs are being tapped by the media and companies because of the influence they have. What’s sad is that because of the power that the internet has to influence, some take advantage. It may sound a cliché but it’s true – “With Great Powers Comes With Great Responsibility.”

with great powers

My favorite online citizens are those who share useful information like life hacks, those who spread humor – this is where Bogart The Explorer comes in, and some essays. Never in my dreams did I want to be as popular as them, I don’t think I can ever be. Sure, I got invited to events, not because I’m a big shot, but because they need the event covered and posted online. I may never be  a brand ambassador, but I’m very proud to be an online champion.


It was February 2011 when I first experienced building homes for the homeless. If I remember it right, I paid/donated around Php900  to be part of the Bloggers Build.


The place is so hot, there’s not much shade to shield you from the rays of the sun, but it didn’t stop the volunteers to build homes It was tiring. We were all sweaty but still happy to have done it and will be more than glad to do it again. There are other ways to help out aside from volunteering in building homes, the best way to help is to share.

Spread awareness, this what we are good at as Filipinos, the reason why we are the social media capital of the world, we love to share. Let your friends know that there people in need, and there are people willing to donate and share what they have but do not know how or where.

If you make 20 Facebook posts  a day, 20 tweets a day, or 5 Instragram photos a day it wouldn’t hurt if you have at least a post or two for a cause. Don’t just be “likeable” or “retweetable,” be a champion.

To know more about how to help visit


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