Going Wang-Bu at Wangfu

Going Wang-Bu at Wangfu

I’ve already heard about Wangfu a few years back but I still didn’t get a chance to sit down and try their famous dishes including the Salted Egg Fried Chicken. They already have four branches, three of them in Quezon City and the fourth in Serendra, which I only found out when I got an invite from my friend.

Wang Fu - Serendra-12

Wangfu in Serendra has a similar set up with the UP Town Center branch, it has a laid back vibe perfect for the busy people around Serendra where people literally go out of their units and dine in wearing their pajamas(or boxers) or bring the food back to their units; and passers by have a choice between Market! Market!’s fastfood and Bonifacio High Street’s upscale dining.

Wang Fu - Serendra-1

The interior is spacious which makes it ideal for family and friends who are looking to try our something new at the BGC area. The owner’s Richard Yap and Lester Pimentel-Ong describe their dishes as Cosmopolitan Chinese food as it goes with the trend and listens to the consumer. Traditional dishes are given a mouthwatering twist to catch up with the fast changing times.

Wangfu’s most popular dish is the Salted Egg Fried Chicken did not disappoint, it’s tender and the salted egg coating was uniquely good. I never knew you can use salted egg that way, it’s uniquely good.

Wang Fu - Serendra-30

Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee is another cool twist to a traditional Chinese dish, and lychee was a sweet replacement to the usual pineapple ingredient and it’s aroma is much more appetizing.

Wang Fu - Serendra-27

Pork Floss Prawns, yup it’s prawn covered with shredded pork meat.

Wang Fu - Serendra-28

Seafood Tofu with Cheese Sauce is the dish that I my taste bud fell in love with. The creamy cheese sauce and the sensation of flavor provided by the seafood gives a delectable experience. I recommend you getting this one, I haven’t tasted seafood like this before.

Wang Fu - Serendra-24

Seafood Green Soup was more of a spinach soup though, I didn’t see much seafood in there. Don’t get wrong, it tastes good, but the name had me expecting prawn, squid, or fish floating. Still recommended, but do not expect seafood.

Wang Fu - Serendra-8

A Chinese restaurant will not be complete without these two, Hakaw and Shomai. Best eaten as soon as served, so take photos quickly.

Wang Fu - Serendra-5

The best among all that was served was the hot milk tea served in a floral cup which makes it even more appealing. One cup of Hot Milk Tea isn’t enough for me and I’m glad they had it on promo that day.

Wang Fu - Serendra-44

Wangfu in Serendra and UP Town Center is for foodies who are craving for non-traditional Chinese food. If you can’t decide between the fast food restaurant choices you have at Market! Market! and the upscale dining at Bonifacio High Street, Wangfu is the better choice.

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