GrabCar – Rides Made Awsome

GrabCar – Rides Made Awsome

GrabTaxi, the largest and most popular Southeast Asian taxi-booking mobile app, just launched a new and better way to travel  GrabCar on the existing mobile app. GrabCar allows the user to select a private car if they feel a bit more posh or just to get a higher chance to make a successful booking during peak hours.

GrabCar has  great line up private cars that will make you look and feel about the rest. They have a Toyota Camry and Fortuner, a Hyudai Santa Fe, Nissan Patrol, and a Mini Cooper.

GrabCar 3

It isn’t only beneficial to the passengers but also an opportunity for drivers to build on their income by providing them with a much wider user-base and an efficient driver-to-passenger matching.

Anthony Tan said, “What has ensured GrabTaxi’s success in Philippines has been its ability to adapt and evolve to meet our user’s needs. That’s why we are introducing GrabCar; we see that there is an opportunity to fill a gap in the industry without taking away business from our core user-base of taxis. GrabCar will give our passengers that upmarket personalized experience while ensuring a fun and authentic ride.

GrabCar 1

Anthony Tan added,” GrabCar not only gives consumers more options, it will also be positive for taxi drivers in the GrabTaxi network. This will increase the volume of cars available to passengers and build consumer confidence and loyalty in GrabTaxi, eventually leading to more people using the GrabTaxi platform and more rides for taxi drivers.

GrabCar 2

There is no doubt that the introduction of GrabTaxi into the Philippines has helped repair an inefficient system and develop a safer environment for both passengers and drivers. GrabTaxi has added comfort and safety to the lives of the commuters. Expect the chauffeur to open the door for you and welcome you with complimentary bottled water. Charge your battery drained gadgets inside your service too.

To use GrabCar, just select GrabCar from the GrabTaxi app itself, it’s that easy.  You won’t be able to select which car model for your service, it’ll just surprise you.


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