GreatToys Online For The Child in You

GreatToys Online For The Child in You

Christmas is again just around corner. This is the time of the year when we feel a like a child again excited to open gifts and give gifts. There is another way for you to feel like a child again – buy toys.

We were able to check a out a great toy store, GreatToys Online. They have a couple of branches already, we were at the Annapolis branch.

There are a lot of toys to be found that will definitely bring back the child in you. The place is very nostalgic, it has toys that caters everyone’s childhood. Toys that you had that you wish you have taken care of. Toys that made you feel like a child again.

The owner claims that it the store started as a hobby, he is a collector himself and like most people his age, he is a huge fan and a collector of Voltes V. He had some of his collection displayed at the store. A very friendly guy. I had a small talk with him that day discussing toys of course and the origin of the Power Rangers. He also gave some tips in toy photography.

GreatToys Online also as an online store that very comprehensive. It has all the information you need. They are very active online. They have huge following on all their social media accounts, facebook, twitter and youtube. They also have an ebay account. The owner also mention that they can also assist you in finding the toy that you want using their connections and have them shipped to the Philippines together with their toys to make it easier for you.

Here are some of the other toys I found that I would have bought if I had the money.

 Check out their website for more information and a lot of toys

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