Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken Rocks!

Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken Rocks!

Who would have thought that a Rockeoke could take place in a fast food restaurant? It just proves that nothing is impossible with your Greenwich Barkada. It was a night of music, friendship and laughter glazed with great tasting pizza and the Crispy Glazed Chicken.

Everyone was to sing a song, so I have no excuse. Everyone including the people from Greenwich, the crew and the management team.

To give us a boost we were treated with Greenwich’s Deliciously Extraordinary food.

What made the Pizza Fries Deliciously Extraordinary is the pizza sauce dip.

It was my first time tasting the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken but it definitely will not be the last.  A special marinade seeps through each extra large piece, which is then cooked to an inviting crispiness.

The result is an extraordinary fried chicken that is extra juicy and bursting with flavor at every bite. And as an enticing finish, the extraordinary chicken is wrapped in a lip-smacking sweet and mildly spicy glaze that lingers on the taste buds. It is served with steaming cup of rice to complete a filling meal.

The best part of it all is that the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken meal is available at an affordable P79.

Everyone started singing after getting overloaded with confidence from the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken and Greenwich Overload Pizza. I felt like a rockstar after eating those rockstar foods.

Magic 89.9 DJ’s
Rod Magaru singing his winning piece.

Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken  is easy on the pocket but definitely not short on extraordinary taste, truly the ROCKSTAR of all Fried Chickens.

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