Taste Greenwich Pizza’s The Ultimate Overload on October 28

Taste Greenwich Pizza’s The Ultimate Overload on October 28

We all love experiencing the best of times with our barkada – because it makes every fun experience much more exciting and memorable! Whether it’s an occasion like a barkada Christmas reunion, celebrating someone’s promotion, or just getting together– every hour spent with themis highlighted when everyone is in on the fun.

It just goes to show that in barkadas, it’s always better with the #UltimateBarkadaBlend.


That’s why we recommend the best barkada pizza around – the Ultimate Overload by Greenwich! Smothered with both mozzarella and cheddar for an indulgently rich cheesy bite, generously topped a variety of meat and vegetables – a total of 13 different kinds of toppings, Greenwich’s Ultimate Overload is the best-tasting everything-on-it pizza. Each bite is sure to take your taste buds on a ride. This flavor loaded, best-tasting pizza is an undeniable winner for your Ultimate Barkada Blend gimmick.

Make sure to catch Greenwich’s Nationwide Sampling on October 28 in select stores around Metro Manila and Luzon for you and your barkada! For more information be sure to visit Greenwich’s social media accounts: @greenwichpizza on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter