Greenwich Unveils in New Look

Greenwich Unveils in New Look

John Lloyd isn’t the only who has gone a make over, his favorite pizza restaurant has got better too. Greenwich unveiled it’s new look giving it an authentic pizzeria look. It’s modern industrial look make use of wood and brick elements giving it a homey feel.

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Greenwich Pizzeria is the new store concept that features a lounge, main dining area, balcony, banquet and an enclosed dining space fit for everyone’s needs. We had the chance to be the first to use the enclosed dining space for a quiz night. It was a fun experience, perfect for the whole barkada. Greenwich plans to have the quiz night done in other stores which I believe would be fun, because quiz nights only happen in cafes.

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The wall arts are well thought of, each frame is quotable and instagrammable, thanks to the Greenwich team.

John Lloyd Cruz-7

I love the new look, the Greenwich Pizzeria. Each section has different type of seating from couches, booths, tables, and longer spaces complete with bar stools for the authentic experience. The interiors are made more rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets, and colorful ceramics to tie the concept together in the goal of making Greenwich feel like home.

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