GSM Flavors – Ang Flavorite ng Barkada

GSM Flavors – Ang Flavorite ng Barkada

Drinking has already been part of our daily lives.  We drink for almost every reason we can find whether it’s passing the exam, getting a promotion, celebrating a birthday, or simply enoying each others company. Sometimes we drink for no reason at all, we just feel like it.  For me, the best place to drink is at home.  You can get as drunk as you can be and still be safe.

Last March 25, 2011 we were invited to taste the latest from the GSM line up, GSM Flavors.  GSM flavors offers an easy to drink, less alcohol content and affordable drink.  The taste didn’t bother me at all. I was drinking like no tomorrow forgetting that it was an alcoholic drink.  The night was filled with music, chit-chat, fun and a lot of laughter.

There’s an old saying that alcohol is the best anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.  Ginebra San Miguel recognizes that the act of drinking alcohol is a shared experience and strengthens bonds among people.  And with their line of award-winning beverages, Ginebra San Miguel, the largest makers of gin in the world, has yet again upped the ante with their release of GSM flavors, a flavored low-alcohil proof party drink that’s set to become a staple at parties everywhere.

“Drinking is a time that strengthens ties with your barkada, enjoying good company and conversation, as well as a time to simply enjoy the mere of drinking, mixing drinks and ingredients to achieve a fiesta of flavors in your mouth,” said GSM Flavors Brand Manager, Jamby Caldo.

GSM flavors comes in a stylish and classy 700ml longneck bottle with a metalized label and is available in two exciting variants, apple and lychee.  With an alcohol proof of 35, it’s easy to drink and comes down to smooth to boot! Priced at only P60, enjoying a tasteful alcoholic beverage with your barkada is even more affordable.

“Wit the launch of GSM Flavors iParty, Ginebra has much more in store for barkada’s everywhere. By liking the Ginebra Flavors page on Facebook, or visiting, they too can have a chance at wining Ginbra San Miguel Flavors iParty packages and premium items.

Available at selected mini-Stop, 7-11, Andoks, South Supermarket and Puregold stores in Metro Maila, barkada’s can now enjoy GSM Flavofrs to get a taste of the iParty lifestyle, whether it’s passing the bar, getting a promotion, celebrating a birthday, or simply enoying each others company, GSM Falvors is the drink that’s bound to be the “flavorite ng barkada”.

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