A Premium Experience Only From Hansel

A Premium Experience Only From Hansel

It was an afternoon of awesomeness as we were invited to join a tour in a limo to experience a one of a kind premium taste.  Adding glitz and glamour to our premium experience was Hansel Premium which comes in two rich flavors cheese and peanut butter.

Before the ride we had some drinks and Hansel Premium cookies at Oakwood Café probably to calm us down and contain our excitement for the limo tour. 

hansel premum
photo from facebook.com/HanselPremiumOfficial

It has arrived.

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What good is a limo ride with out the wine and the party people? The tour was made entertaining with games and a lot of fun moments with blogger friends from all niches (fashion, food, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.)\

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We made rounds around Ortigas Center waving at the people around, feeling like a celebrity.

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photo from facebook.com/HanselPremiumOfficial

You too can have your own premium experience wherever you are with Hansel Premium.  It’s a combination of the finest ingredients, combined in to perfection, baked into soft crunch cookie, cream with salty and sweet fillings for first class taste. Carefully sealed to preserve quality and goodness.

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