Hawk Bags Are Fashionably Lead Free

Hawk Bags Are Fashionably Lead Free

Hawk Bags, the bags that we grew up with is proud to announce that they’re bags were tested to be safe for everyday use.


A series of X-ray fluorescence device or XRF tests, facilitated and monitored by Ramir Castro of QES Manila Inc., checked for lead content from the leading brands of school bags.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, only bags with 90 ppm (parts per million) of lead content are considered safe for use.


Anything that goes beyond the acceptable 90 ppm is already harmful. It can affect the brain development of children causing major health risks, reduced learning capabilities, and behavioral problems

Hawk Bag was the only brand from the tested batch that was found to be safe for everyday use. A variety of Hawk products were tested and the results were astounding. The bags possessed almost undetectable traces of lead, as they were only 5 ppm up to 42 ppm only.


This only proves that Hawk Bags are of superior quality. Not only are they durable, they’re also safe for everyday use.

Hawk bag has leveled up some more with its concept stores.

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Not only are they safe to use, but they also are up to date with the latest fashion trends so don’t carry something that’s out dated. So many designs to choose from, there’s one for every personality.

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As a parent myself, I would naturally consider only the best for our kids.

  • The best meaning that it has to be safe to use
  • It as to be in line with the latest design trends or my son would be proud carrying one around.
  • It has to be durable and tough to last long with the heavy load it carries every day.

It’s a true value for money.

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