Have an Awesome Brunch at Heaven and Eggs

Have an Awesome Brunch at Heaven and Eggs

To start the day right all you need is a morning prayer and a totally awesome breakfast, and I know exactly where to get them – Heaven and Eggs! It’s the best place for brunch meet-ups with friends, family and co-workers. A cozy place with huge, comfortable couch, and great music. When we visited they had The Beatles theme so I had a selfie with my favorite Beatle.

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Heaven and Eggs is located at the entrance of Glorietta 4. It offers a wide variety of meals that is heavy on taste and on the tummy. They added twists to our local favorites and brought some foreign goodies too.

Classic Manila Ribs an original Heaven and Eggs barbecued spare ribs with grilled tomato, lettuce, atchara and salted egg.

Heaven and Eggs 4

Grilled Tocino, a chargrilled pork tocino with eggs, served with garlic rice and homemade atchara.

Heaven and Eggs 3

Lucban Longanisa, fried authenticc Lucban longganisa served with two eggs (cooked however you want), garlic rice and atchara.

Heaven and Eggs 1

Angus Beef Tapa, marinated Black Angus beef served with two eggs, grilled tomato, lettuce, homemade atchara, served with garlic rice. This is our group’s favorite, as it so soft, adding posh to our favorite tapa.

Heaven and Eggs 2

Completing our line up of rice meals, we have Steak and  Eggs – an 8 oz. USDA rib-eye steak served with two eggs, hash brown and buttered corn kernels.

Heaven and Eggs 5

I love that almost every plate has salted egg and atchara, I love that tandem because it compliments each plate. It’s like butter and syrup on your pancake.

For sweet beginnings they have pancakes and waffles, I’m pretty sure that kids (and parents!) will love these next plates starting with Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, flap jacks made with cinnamon and brown sugar served with caramelized apples and toasted walnuts.

Heaven and Eggs 7

Oreo, what’s with Oreo that they can add it on any dessert or sweets and get away with it. It’s just so good that it can be mixed pancakes too. Heaven and Eggs added Oreo on pancake and gave it a bang, the Oreo Pancakes.

Heaven and Eggs 6

Chocolate Chips Waffle, hot iron waffles with milk and dark chocolate filling topped with whipped cream. I love how the it was prepared, the waffle crust is crispy, but it still has the waffle-ly soft dough within.

Heaven and Eggs 8

Fruity Tootie Waffles, assorted fruit compote and whipped cream on top of hot waffles is an amazing combination. It inspired me use our very own waffle maker and create my own fruity combinations.

Heaven and Eggs 9

It was my first time at Heaven and Eggs, it wasn’t as intimidating as it was before. The place looks more lively and inviting. Whether you’re looking for a heavy start or a sweet beginning with friends, family, or office mates, this is a place you should consider.

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