Heaven Peralejo Graces The 2024 Ginebra Calendar

Heaven Peralejo Graces The 2024 Ginebra Calendar

The Philippines’ favorite gin, Ginebra San Miguel, has just unveiled its 2024 Calendar Girl, and it’s none other than the fantastic Heaven Peralejo! The big reveal went down at a super lively event at The Westin Manila, Mandaluyong City.

Heaven’s Dream Comes True

I was looking forward to meeting her in person, and I was lucky to be invited to witness the unveiling of the 2024 Ginebra Calendar Girl. I’ve been following her on her IG and TikTok and after seeing her as the muse of Barangay Ginebra, I already knew that she’ll be the 2024 calendar girl.

Heaven’s latest projects, ‘Nananahimik ang Gabi‘ and ‘The Rain in España,’ shared that “being part of Ginebra is a beautiful milestone. My first drink at 18 was gin bilog with pineapple juice. Now, it’s my first big endorsement!” She’s living the dream, and I’m glad that Ginebra chose her for the 2024 Calendar.

I was honestly rooting for her because she does have the looks, the body, and the personality. I couldn’t see anyone else; who else could it be after Yassi?

Philippine Fiesta Extravaganza

Heaven’s 2024 Ginebra San Miguel Calendar theme is all about the “Philippine Fiesta” theme. Picture this: six stunning fiesta layouts (Panagbenga, Lantern, Higantes, Pintados, Kadayawan, and Masskara) capturing the vibrant spirit of our beloved Philippine fiestas. It’s a visual feast, and we’re all invited!

My favorite? Panagbenga! The red bikini suits her well.

Ron Molina, Marketing Manager at GSMI, spilled the positivity tea about the 2024 calendar. It’s not just a calendar; it’s a symbol of optimism, unity, and the belief that brighter days are on the horizon and our festive celebrations are giving!

The 2024 GSM calendar isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a celebration of Filipino pride and heritage. It also marks Ginebra San Miguel’s 190th anniversary—two centuries of crafting iconic moments and flavors for our festive gatherings. No celebration is complete without a shot, a concoction, or a bottle of GSM.

I got all six calendars; I’m just not sure if my wife will allow me to hang them. I just downloaded them and saved them on my phone using the QR code from the calendar itself. Good job, Ginebra!