Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy is now in the Philippines

Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy is now in the Philippines

If I will be enrolling my daughter to a drama class, it’s not only because I want her to learn to act, but mostly because I want her to learn more than acting.

I want her to develop important life skills such as listening, sharing, taking turns, following instructions, and most importantly self confidence. I want her to learn team work and other social skills.

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If there’s one school that comes to mind, it’s Helen O’ Grady, sounds familiar, right? That’s because they have been teaching drama classes for over 30 years.  Helen O’ Grady originated in Perth, Australia, and now they operate in more than 25 countries with over 65,000 students world wide.

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The Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy Philippines is headed by teacher Monique Bunuan, and brought the academy to Sacred Heart School in Makati.

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I was able to witness how the kids are taught in class during their Christmas play rehearsals. One tap of teacher Monique’s drum and she has gotten the attention of the little ones. It didn’t look and feel like they are having a class at all. The kids enjoy every moment of it. Teacher Monique was able to integrate her lessons in activities that kids love.  Because of there, the students at Sacred Heart School look forward to the workshops and rehearsals more eagerly.

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The Academy is not only about drama or fun and games, but also equips the students with life skills essential in their life-long success.

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Yo can get in touch with Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy Philippines at (632) 828-2749  or 0917-5989502. Contact Sacred Heart School at 810-8506 or 0917-5375015, located at the ground floor of Republic Glass Bldg, 196 Salcedo St. Legaspi Village, Makati City. Email them at shs.makati@yahoo.com

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