Honor 6 Plus, Braver and Better

I’ve ditched my Samsung phone and have been using Honor 6 as my primary phone for over around 5 months now. There has already been a number of new phones released and some I had the pleasure of owning, but none of them has given me enough reason to set Honor 6 aside.

What I Iove the most about Honor 6 is its camera and the specs that compete with flagship units from other brands. Then something braver arrived, the Honor 6 Plus, which I thought was just a bigger version of Honor 6. You know bigger screen, faster processor, better GPU, but there was actually more to it than those specs.

Honor 6 Plus 2

Sure it comes with Kirin 925 1.8GHz octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, but what does it actually do? It’s the software that makes it smart, but a smart phone can’t just be smart, it has to have the power to be able to do the things it’s supposed to or else you’ll have a paralyzed smart phone, or a smart phone that can only do one task at a time. The 3GB RAM is just right for a multitasker like me who sometimes brings work outside using Skype, Microsoft office, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Klout, and many more, and I have a habit of switching betweens apps almost every minute.

Honor 6 Plus 5

The Mali-T628 MP4 does a great job in making me enjoy my games. There were no hiccups, on games like Mortal Combat X, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and NBA 2K15.

I was already fine with the 5-inch screen of the Honor 6, I didn’t miss the 0.5 inches more I had with the Note 2, but Honor 6 Plus changed all that. The bigger size didn’t actually equate to a heavier weight. It’s lighter and has better resolution too, and I am appreciating the bigger screen even more because the Honor 6 Plus takes great photos. Those great photos were best enjoyed in a 5.5 inch 1080 x 1920 pixels screen.

Honor 6 Plus 1

The camera comes with a wide aperture of up to 0.95 it’s sharp and it looks natural. Although some shots looks like it was enhanced, it just depends on your composition. If you want to be safe on your blurring or bokeh, don’t go beyond f2.0. Dual lens camera also allows the phone to do after shot focusing. You can change your focus and also the aperture setting.

Honor 6 Plus 3

Here’s another sample. The original shot is the one on the middle, then I changed the focus to the foreground, then I changed the aperture to F16 to focus on the complete image.

Honor 6 Plus 4

The camera performs well in low light too, although I wish it has those cool long exposure features from the P8, like Light Painting and an optical image stabilization. In low light, colors are still accurate and it performs well in situations where others have failed.


Honor 6 Plus’ camera made me forgot that I have Snapseed installed. I now only use it if I wanted to add some effects to a photo because I am already very much satisfied with the images that it produce. I have not tried recording a video because I don’t do much videos on my phone. This is just how I use it, but I will create a separate post for it.

For most people, the smart phone’s camera is on top of their list for features they look for in a smart phone. It eliminates the need to bring a camera for events and parties.  I have attended a couple of events without bringing my DSLR and they were satisfying. Of course the photos were far from DSLR photos, but they were good photos. Honor 6 Plus came with a camera like no other and I was brave enough to leave my camera at home.

Others may have faster processor, bigger ram, or colorful designs, but they fail in delivering what a consumer really want. If there was a blind test like in the commercials, Brand A vs Brand X in the same category, I’m pretty sure that Honor 6 Plus will emerge as the favorite. Honor 6 Plus users don’t need to see what other can’t see, because they’re brave enough to do what other’s can’t do.

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