5 Very Dad Things You Can Do with Homebound Pops

5 Very Dad Things You Can Do with Homebound Pops

One of the hallmarks of Filipino culture is the close bond that exists within families. The Philippines has stayed resilient against all the challenges that befell it for its solid foundation rests on the values and strong connection of every Filipino household. Among the many manifestations of this cultural trait are the multiple opportunities Filipinos find every year to get together — from the usual seasonal holidays like Christmas to family-specific special celebrations such as Father’s Day. 

The current health situation may have limited movement and outdoor activities, but it cannot stop Filipinos from celebrating the love, care, and sheer dedication to the family of every Filipino father. Huawei Philippines, with its array of products like the MatePad line-up, is ready to accompany Filipino families in having an extraordinary day with their Haligi ng Tahanan. 

Here are five simple yet fun activities you can do to have a meaningful Father’s Day Celebration indoors:

  1. Cook Your Dad’s Favorite Meal

The adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not a cliche that exists only in romantic relationships. Fathers are sure to feel appreciated if their babies show some effort to prepare them a plate of their favorite meal, whether that be straight from the grill or from the frying pan. 

And since cooking is no walk in the park, Huawei can bring you immersive cooking tutorials and walkthroughs via the New Huawei MatePad, which is a FullView tablet featuring an 84% screen-to-body ratio. Going through recipes and following actual demos won’t be difficult if you have the New Huawei MatePad with you in the kitchen. 

There is also an opportunity for you to learn from your dad how to cook his signature dishes —  the passing of the baton from the in-house chef. Make sure you miss no detail so that you get to be ready before the next big holiday. You can conveniently take notes while the master is at work with the Huawei M-Pencil, which delivers a natural and intuitive writing experience on the New Huawei MatePad. 

  1. Watch his favorite series with him

There is nothing better than just being scrunched up with your dad, chilling with popcorn, and just streaming his fave series. This is the beauty of having several streaming platforms re-circulating series from the yesteryears and putting up the most recent ones —  you can stay hooked with your dad on his go-to series from years back while you introduce to him the contemporary ones.

Make things convenient by having a portable entertainment device available in the house. The New Huawei MatePad, for instance, has an immersive 10.4-inch FullView display. It also packs a quad-channel speaker system, delivering sound by audio expert Harman Kardon. The panel supports up to a resolution of 2000×1200 and has earned the TUV Rheinland for optimum eye care. Binge-watching can be an easily shared experience between you and your dad with these features in the Huawei MatePad.

  1. Teach Him How to Game

Needing to stay indoors may seem easy, but it does still pose challenges. Filipinos are naturally social people so it goes without saying that having been required to stay indoors for more than a year now has gravely impacted everyone — including dads. 

To ensure that your pops get to have some fun time outside of his usual errands and work, teach him how to casually game with friends and online communities. This can also be an avenue for the both of you to bond and connect even when apart.

A tablet could be a good device for fathers trying out mobile gaming, especially those who need a 360° tech companion for both work and leisure. The New Huawei MatePad is powered by the 7nm Kirin 820, which includes a powerful octa-core CPU and custom GPU to support any and all multi-tasking demands and casual gaming adventures that rockstar fathers have. 

  1. Have a chat with your dad

When was the last time you heard a dad joke from him? What was the last story you shared? Prepare a cup of hot drink or open a few bottles of beer — what’s important is you catch up. Talking to each other may seem such a menial day-to-day occurrence, that it is often taken for granted. But to sit down with the person who played a crucial role in your journey to being who you are today, and just talk about your most recent escapades or even your smallest wins could be the best gift he could unwrap with you. 

Do not let the distance or travel restrictions push your connection with your dad to the sidelines. Digital avenues like Huawei MeeTime can let you swap stories with your dad with a single tap of a finger. 

  1. Enjoy Some Tech Retail Therapy with Him

The global health challenge has pushed everyone to recalibrate their ways of living, accelerating the growing reliance on technology. Make sure your dad is well equipped to adapt to the changing reality with the right tech partner. 

Dads of many hats may find the features and technologies they need for their busy lifestyle packed in a single device — the tablet. So this father’s day, a little tech retail therapy on the side can help in gearing up your dad for a smart, digitally interconnected lifestyle in the new normal. 

Huawei has recently launched the New Huawei MatePad and the MatePad T10 LTE in the Philippines. These new powerful tablets can keep your homebound dad company across different activities he needs to take on daily. 

The New Huawei MatePad retails for only Php 18,999, while the Huawei MatePad T10 LTE is available for only Php 7,999. Until June 18, purchasers of these products can take home special first-sale freebies from Huawei. The New Huawei MatePad will be retailing with a free Huawei Smart Keyboard worth Php 6,999 and an Entertainment Package composed of a Bluetooth speaker, notebook, and tractable data cable worth Php 2,099 in Huawei Concept Stores and partner stores nationwide. If customers add the New Huawei MatePad to the cart online, it will be coming with a free Huawei Smart Keyboard, too, and a Bluetooth speaker worth Php 1,499. Purchasers of the Huawei MatePad T10 LTE also get a free flip cover worth Php 990.

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