Huawei Watch – A Watch First, A Gadget Second

Huawei Watch – A Watch First, A Gadget Second

When smartwatches first came in to the market, it looks more like a gadget and not a watch. Receiving one feels like you were chosen to the 5th member of the Power Rangers, no kidding. They’re smart, but it was not the kind of watch that you’ll be proud wearing.


I was never really interested at smart watches until Huawei created classic gentleman’s watch with timeless design, the Huawei Watch. Pre-selling for the watch started on December 1, 2015, then it was launched on December 7, 2015, it was released in the market  on December 10 and was sold out the same day. Amazing isn’t it?


Just by looking at the box itself, you’ll already get a premium experience. The packaging represents luxury, it was the same feel when my wife got a Technomarine. Inside the box you’ll get the charger and some documents that we read only during emergencies, like if we mess it up.


The magnetic charger has a bit of getting used to. I had to make sure that the pins connect and that the display shows that it’s charging. After that, it only takes around an hour to get it from 0 to 100%  which will last me up to two days max on normal use.

Huawei Watch 1-3

The Huawei Watch is a 42mm round watch made from cold-forged stainless steel, and a unibody design that has a button at the two o’clock position. The cold-forging process makes it more durable, it’s 11.3mm thick but it feels lighter than it looks. The watch takes standard straps so that you’re not limited to Huawei’s.

Huawei Watch 1-36

Huawei Watch is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor and 512MB of RAM and 4GB of on board storage. It has an IP67 rating which means that dust shouldn’t be an issue and it can survive being submerged to up to 1m of water for half an hour.

Huawei Watch 1-28

The back of the watch comes with an optical heart rate tracker and my wife found a good use for it. Since it records all your heart rate tracker results, all she needs to do is interrogate me while checking my heart rate, if the result far from average then prepare to be pack your things. Imagine yourself tied up in a chair and a single light source directed to you while she yells “Answer Me!” Thank you Huawei Watch for making this possible.

heart rate
photo: digital trends

Aside from the Heart Rate Tracker, Huawei Watch  also comes with Daily Tracking – which tracks your steps, runs, stair climbs, and the calories it burns, and Fitness Tracking app lets you set a goal and it simply tracks your performance.

Huawei Watch 1-19

It’s has a 1.4″ HD AMOLED display that’s made from scratch-resistant Saphire Crystal which displays notifications from Facebook, Messeging, WhatsUp and others. The notification will show the sender’s face and the message itself, so if you are at home and your wife’s beside you, don’y sync. You’ll get to see who’s calling as well and control your music player via the Huawei Watch too.

Huawei Watch 1-39

If I had this during school then it was easier to cheat with Google Keep synced and you also have Google at our command using your voice. Although the stock watch faces are fairly nice, there are also a lot of watch faces available at the Playstore and most of them are free. Recently, Huawei launched new designs for the ladies. It has a premium rose gold-plated case with Swarovski  Zircnias, it’s confidently beautiful with a heart rate tracker, right Pia?

huawei watch women

Recognized as the best smartwatch of 2015, Huawei has definitely changed the way smartwatches should look and feel. A smartwatch should make you feel like you were a 007 not a Power Ranger.

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