Become a Kitchen Superstar with Hunt’s

Become a Kitchen Superstar with Hunt’s

The kitchen is one of the toughest place to conquer and often times we seek the help of others, including recipe books. But try as we may, there are still some dishes that we can’t seem to do right. So how does one become a Kitchen Superstar?


Delamar admits that even she is having challenges in cooking for her family, but whenever she needs help she knows who to turn to. Modern moms’ use of the trusted brand can spell the difference between standard and supreme when it comes to serving heartwarming meals – Hunt’s.

To demonstrate her cooking skills she cooked Pork Estufado right on the spot. She made it look so easy, it was done in a matter of minutes. I told her it was surprisingly good, to come up with a delicious meal and she didn’t sweat. She just panicked when the oil and pork started to sizzle.


How did she do it?

She had her training watching online webisodes of Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar. It was made to further help moms become kitchen superstar.  Each episodes lasts for a minute showcasing local Filipino dishes using Hunt’s Tomato and Spaghetti sauces.  Hosted by Inez Bernardo, a home-cook mom, the series aims to assist them in preparing creative and delicious Hunt’s-based dishes that are simply superb.

Hunt's SC

“We can guarantee that with Hunt’s Tomato and Spaghetti sauces, being a kitchen superstar is a reality for today’s modern moms because these products help them prepare superstar meals every day,” said BU General Manager for Joint Ventures (NUR & HUR) Marcia Y. Gokongwei.

Friends from the media and bloggers also had their chance to try and find out how easy it is to cook delicious meals with Hunt’s. Our group tried to duplicate/surpass Delamar’s Pork Estufado.  It did take a while for us to cook the carrots and bananas but in the end it was good, it was better than I expected. I never have cooked Pork Estufado, but now we have a new dish to try out at home thanks to Hunt’s.


With its rich heritage and long-standing tradition of bringing together great taste and tomato goodness in no time, Hunt’s is proud to have delivered more than 30 years of home-cooked goodness to every Filipino household,” adds Marcia.

Check out Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar webisodes at and like them on to get yummy updates from Hunt’s sauces.

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