I Have Seven Reasons Why I Choose Sonny Angara

This coming election I will be voting. Honestly, this will be my second chance in voting as I have been registered just last election. It took a while until I realize the importance of it.

I may not be able to complete my senatorial list because I only see a few that for me is qualified. One of them is Sonny Angara.

New Android (157 of 296)

Let me give you reasons why I will vote for Sonny Angara:

1. He’s one of the youngest. I believe that the Senate needs to lead by younger people with new idealism and fresh outlook.

2. His family, Angara, is clearly part of a political clan but out of all the Senatorial candidates that are also from political clans (Binay, Enrile, Aquino, Pimitel, Estrada, Cojuangco and  Magsaysay)  He is the most qualified.

3. He’s been a very busy Representative of Aurora. He has built and repaired over 300 classrooms, 5 libraries, 11 gymnasium/covered courts, provide college scholarships to more than 1,000 students; distribute over 500 computers; provide medicines or medical assistance to more than 10,000 patients; and build skills and training centers to give the Out of School Youth and the jobless access to employment and provide scholarships to more than 400 trainees.


4. He’s been a very busy lawmaker too. Has authored more than 50 laws and filed over 200 bills pending in congress.

  • RA 9710 Magna Carta of Women
    RA 9994 Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010
    RA 10157 Kindergarten Education Act
    RA 9500 The University of the Philippines Charter of 2008
    RA 10361 Kasambahay Act
    RA 9510 The Credit Information System Act
    RA 9505 Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) Act of 2008
    RA 10142 Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act (FRIA) of 2009
    RA 9856 The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Act of 2009
    RA 9829 The Pre-Need Code
    RA 10069 Health Workers’ Day
    RA 10066 National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009
    RA 9497 Civil Aviation Act of 2008
    RA 9593 Tourism Act
    JR 04 Salary Standardization Law
Promotes Anti-Bullying Bill
  • HB 5915 Bill of Rights for New Graduates
    HB 6262 Free College Entrance Exam
    HB 6197 Early Years Act
    HB 88 Expanded Government Assistance To Students And Teacher In Private Education Act
    HB 6643 Enhanced Basic Education Act Of 2012
    HB 645 School Building Program Act of 2010
    HB 3434 An Act Establishing a Philippine High School for Sports
    HB 3812 Anti-Bullying Act of 2010
    HB 86 Freedom of Information Act
    HB 87 Mandatory Universal Health Care Coverage Act
    HB 457 Medical Tourism Act of 2010
    HB 246 Anti-Kotong Act
    HB 452 Whistleblower Protection Act
    HB 247 Collective Investment Schemes Law
    HB 768 Magna Carta for the Workers in Informal Employment

5. He’s not been visible in the media. Which is a good thing because politicians are only seen on news if he is part of a controversy. He was only seen during the Corona impeachment.

6. He’s been awarded Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for 2010 for his outstanding performance and achievements as a legislator.

7. He’s a a writer/columnist (Remate), a lecturer of law (New Era University and Centro Escolar University), news reporter (Philippine Star)

There may be more than seven reasons but these are more than enough for me to decide on why I should should vote for him. I would have also embeded the video of his guesting at TV5’s Reaksyon where he was grilled but still was able to pass with flying colors but there was no video to be found on YouTube.

You may have your reasons why you don’t want to participate in the coming election. I just want to remind you that your votes are very important.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” – Nathan, George Jean

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