I’ll Be The Last Man Standing

I’ll Be The Last Man Standing

I have started running recently as my wife started running a month before than I did.   I have attended a couple press con for running events and have invited to run as well but I haven’t run a marathon before. I ran away from runs or “tinakbuhan ko ang mga takbo ko” as my wife says it.

Having inspired by the winner of Bayer Rogin-E Last Man Running 2 (held last March 22 in Bonifacio Global City) I am pushing limits and hoping to be able to join a running event this year.

The winners lived up to its reputation as one of the country’s most physically demanding and merciless ultra-marathons.  It lived up to its name as well, claiming all but one of a hundred of the country’s most battle tested distance runners.  This year’s Rogin-E Last Man Running proved to be Bicolano and veteran marathon runner Mario Maglinao, or as he is aptly known among hardcore distance runners locally, Super Mario.  Super Mario’s victory is all the sweeter because this year’s grand prize from Rogin-E is an all expense paid trip to China, to participate in the world renowned “Great Wall Marathon”.

I can’t imagine how hard their preparations are for the run. They must have run every single marathon during the year and took a lot of Rogin-E. Waking up early in the morning is difficult, running very early in the morning is harder.

Mario Maglinao will have to make the most of  his title, enjoy it while it lasts, because next year, I’ll be the Last Man Standing.

I’m going to continue running every Sunday as long as my wife wakes me up and continuously drag me to go to Rizal High School oval to run.

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