Job Matching Made Better with Jobstreet

Job Matching Made Better with Jobstreet

Jobstreet has just gone through a major overhaul to enhance customer experience. Making job search easier and more effective for both the company and the job seeker.

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It now has a salary matching feature to help candidates find the job that meets their most important requirement – the right salary. You no longer have to go through a lot of interviews and exams only to be disappointed with the salary offer. With the company’s approval, Jobstreet will display the salary range on the job opening, if not it will just you that it is within or out side your desire salary.

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Speaking of salary, Jobstreet also conducted a research to further help candidates and employees gauge if they are getting the better salary, and has published a list of the Top 10 Industries With #BetterSalary.

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I love what they did. It gives me an idea on what to pursue and what to expect on my chosen career.

With an average salary of PhP 25,697, Junior Employees working for NGOs are the highest paid, followed by Junior Executives from the Utilities Industry who get PhP 24,400 and the IT Software Industry with PhP 23,671.

JobStreet Salary Report Jr Exec 2014

Supervisors from the Utilities industry receive PhP 50,411. NGO Supervisors get PhP 43, 165 while the average monthly salary of those working in the IT Software industry is PhP 34,679.

JobStreet Salary Report Supervisor 2014

Managers in the Oil and Gas Industry are the most paid in this position level, with PhP 74,297, followed by Managers in the Utilities Industry (PhP 74,067) and Industrial Machinery Industry (PhP 69,063).

JobStreet Salary Report Manager 2014

It is true that “a good/high paying salary makes them want to apply to a job.” With the help of’s new feature called Salary Matching, candidates can now see which jobs, companies, and industries give better pay.

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