Joe Isaw

Joe Isaw

Joe Isaw offers deliciously tasting grilled chicken and pork parts and innards presented in a military-like theme.

  • Liver Let Die – chicken liver
  • Parachutes – chicken gizzards
  • Bombers – chicken ass
  • Gringo  – pork intestines
  • Zigzags – chicken intestines
  • Boot camp – chicken trotters
  • Walkman – pork ears
  • Sniper – pig eyes
  • Green Beret – frog legs
  • Barbed Wire – pork barbecue

These innards may have taken the best colon cleanse because they taste realy good. They are all complemented by the best isaw sauce I’ve ever tasted.  The Atomic, Napalm and the Nuclear sauce.  The name describes just how hot or spicy the sauces are.

I would want to go back to Joe’s Isaw one of these days but unfortunately it was their last day yesterday.  The Ortigas Home Depot was the only branch they had.  It was because of the depleting number of customers.  It wasn’t because it wasn’t good but I believe it’s the location.  It’s deep within an alley and very unnoticeable.  The good news is their planing to open up again at a different location and add more selection to their menu.

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