Now Available: Jollibee Kiddie Meals Pokemon Starters Squad!

Now Available: Jollibee Kiddie Meals Pokemon Starters Squad!

Jollibee brings kids’ play time to the exciting world of Pokemons with the new Starters Squad that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.

The Pokemon Starters Squad includes some adorable new generation Pokemons like Litten, Popplio, Rowlet and brings back a classic fan-favorite, Pikachu. These cute Pokemon toys are definitely meant for playing with friends, as they make playtime more fun with a few cool tricks up their sleeves.

Kids can get creative with these awesome toys as they imagine their own Poke-battles. Push down Pikachu’s tail and see its cheeks light up from an electric discharge as strong as a lightning bolt. Attach Litten’s tail at the back and pull it downwards to see the Pokemon’s head move sideways as if grooming itself, prepping for a fire fur ball. Popplio can do sea lion tricks as its collar spins when you slide it on surfaces. Push back Rowlet’s head to flap its wings, ready to let out its grass blades.

Gotta catch all four Pokemon Starters Squad toys with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal: Yumburger Meal at P90, Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P95, or Chickenjoy Meal at P122. Each package comes with its own Jolly Joy Box.

The Jolly Kiddie Meal Pokemon Starter Squad will be around from August 16 – September 30 only. Head over to your nearest Jollibee branch and be sure to catch ‘em all!