JV Ejercito Estrada Is Not Afraid Of Social Media

I admire politicians who get in to social media because it’s one way of opening yourself to the public.  But what if your twitter or facebook is handled by someone else, a social media manager. Doesn’t it look abused to have a personal account but have else send tweets or posts for you. Then, sending canned replies to followers.  That’s not the way social media should be, you socialize. If you have a personal twitter or facebook account it shouldn’t be handled as a businesses would do.

I know a politician who is very active on twitter. In fact he has a Klout score of 73! I can’t even go over 53. He is none other than UNA Senatorial Candidate and San Juan Representative JV Ejercito Estrada.


Klout measures this influence across several social networks and shows users how they impact the people connected to them.” The higher the number, the better.

“Many people doubt if I really do the posting on Facebook and Twitter. I do it myself because I like being hands-on. Also, after a day’s hard work, it’s therapeutic to share what you’ve done to the online community,” said Ejercito Estrada.

I agree, it should be a stress reliever, it was made for communication and to have fun. You don’t have to take every tweet or comment you receive personally, just have fun.

jv tweets

Pag pikon ka, talo ka. Don’t take everything seriously, there will always be bashers and bullies online but I believe they only attack those who they know have an attitude or a tendency to go berserk when provoked.

Having 24,962 followers on Twitter, 5,159 friends on Facebook, and 99,058 fans on his Fan Page is nothing to be afraid of as long as you take responsibility for your posts.

The young lawmaker noted that the Cybercrime Law contains provisions which practically permits the state to suppress freedom of speech and persecute its political foes and he is also for the Freedom of Information Bill.

“I think Twitter and Facebook are currently the fastest and most convenient ways to get in touch with the youth and Filipinos all in other parts of the world. Best of all, they are free,” he said. It is also his way of connecting to the youth, getting the latest trends and issues concerning young people. If elected he wishes that he would be given the committee that addresses concerns of the youth.

“Youth development is one of my advocacies as a public servant. So being able to interact with students on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook allows me to identify their needs and help them,” the solon said.

Speaking of the youth, this is one interview that you will love. It’s not the serious/political type of interview you see on news channels. It’s more laid back and personal. I wish every senatoriable would guest in WASAK for us to know them better. Get to see the other side of the person.

Social Media is a very powerful tool, one wrong tweet and netizens will be ganging up on you. Use it wisely and who knows you may get a higher Klout score.

One thought on “JV Ejercito Estrada Is Not Afraid Of Social Media

  1. of course hes not,.as i notice he’s open to everything or an conversation.. go na go itong si JV EJERCITO ESTRADA.. diyan pa lang you can see na the transparency.. to JV, pagpatuloy mu lang yan,, and im sure people will like you and we will bring you in the senate.. on best model of all politicians

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