Kathryn Bernardo is The New Oishi Smart C+ Endorser

Kathryn Bernardo is The New Oishi Smart C+ Endorser

Oishi welcomes local teen icon, Kathryn Bernardo, to the Oishi Smart C+ Family.  Kathryn Bernardo is a perfect Smart C+ endorser because she embodies a refreshing, fun ,interactive and playful personality that Smart C+ represents. Welcoming her is fellow Kapamilya and Smart C+ Endorser, Slater Young.

SmartC (14 of 25)

Although summer has already ended, it isn’t an excuse to travel and let Oishi Smart C+ boost your immune system because aside from is it refreshing flavors, it also pack with 500mg of Vitamin C in every 500 ml bottle. With her love for travelling, Kathryn looks forward to more refreshing adventures with Smart C+.

Smart C

Watch out for Kathryn’s Smart C+ TV Commercial later this month!

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