Keep on Coming Back to Zarzuela

Keep on Coming Back to Zarzuela

Zarzuela has become a favorite hang out among friends. I was happy that one of that one of my friend also frequents Zarzuela because she read my post about it (check it our HERE). Safe to say it is best for hanging out with friends because of its ambiance and of course the food. As an addition I also love their music, the instrumental OPM music that’s relaxing at the same time making me want to eat more Filipino food.

Zarzuela (1)
LEFT: Blogger Friends RIGHT: Wife and High School Friends

My last visit to Zarzuela (4th, so far) was with my blogger friends, which rarely happens because we all have our very busy schedule. Aside from the Fountain of Youth, Cowboy Sisig, Pingat, Kripsy Pitaw, my favorites Crispy Binagoongan and Savor Maruya; I was able to taste a few more dishes that deserves to be on the menu. (Check out the above mentioned dishes HERE).

First on the list is Beef Caldereta. It’s not the typical caldereta that I’m used to with just potatoes, carrots and bell pepper. What was served to me then was more like a Christmas Caldereta, full of flavor. Something special that we only get to taste on special occasions, like Christmas.

July 11-5

Sa Pula, Sa Puti is adobo done in two ways. There’s crispy pork adobo flakes and the pork adobo without the soy sauce. I rarely get a chance to eat Adobo sa Puti because it’s rarely cooked or it’s just that nobody does it in the family. Last time I tasted one was in Pampanga at Kusina Matua Nang Atching Lillian Borromeo. I’ll have that in my list of recipes to learn to have a variety in the all time favorite adobo.

July 11-4

Crab and  Shrimp Relleno.  This is something that I would order as it isn’t easy to make.

July 11-13

The Chorizo Rice. Chorizo + Rice, nuff said.

July 11-14

Smoked Sardine Efuven has officially been added to my list of favorites at Zarzuela. It’s more of  La Paz noodles with fresh tomato sauce and smoked sardines. I love the noodles, it was a great idea serving it without the soup as we are used to with La Paz Batchoy.

July 11-7

Piyaya with Vanila Ice Cream is another combination that I never thought of but Istill prefer the Savor Maruya, I find Piyaya too sweet.

July 11-17

Zaruela is still the place that I would love to hang out to your family and even with friends because it has this homey feel. Aside from the food, it’s simplicity and great music is what I would be coming back for.

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