Kenny Roger’s New Honey

Kenny Roger’s New Honey

Kenny Roger’s has the best roasted chicked in the market. They are always on my list of where to eat when I crave for chicken. Not only do they have the most delicious roasted chicken but they also offer a wide variety of mouth watering side dishes that will surely make you want more.

Today, Kenny Roger’s added a new flavor to the already delectable roasted chicken line up in time for the holiday season. The new Honey Roast Chicken, a mouth-watering, juicy, and perfectly roasted chicken infused with honey and maple. This new chicken flavor is served with Kenny’s own honey-garlic sauce and definite palate pleaser,  it feels like Christmas already.

The new ‘honey’ in the menu can be ordered a la carte at only P399 for a whole chicken, or it can be enjoyed with Kenny’s Solo Plates, Healthy Plates, Combo Meals and Group Meals.

It cased you didn’t notice, the photos include new side dishes which are bound to keep Kenny’s roasted chicken in good company.

Garlic Parmesan Breen Beans

Garlic Parmesan Green Beans is steamed fresh green beans tossed in garlic butter sauce, and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

Sour Cream & Chives Potatoes

Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes are baked marble potatoes coated in sour cream and chives butter mix.  This is a crowd favorite.  I almost a whole plate of it, it’s a perfect and healthy replacement for Sour Cream potato chips.  You can’t help but devour them, munching non stop.  It’ll replace my all time side favorite, macaroni and cheese.

Turnip Salad

Turnip Salad is a light salad made ith crunchy turnip strips, carrots, cucumber, and red cabbage tossed in a sweet and tart mango dressing.

Aglio Olio is a perfectly cooked pasta with an olive oil based sauce, with garlic bits and chopped olives lending their distinct flavor.  I was not able to take a solo photo, but it’s included in one of the Solo Plates above.

The five new offers will be available in all Kenny Roger’s 41 branches nationwide beginning November 15, 2011.

For your worry free Christmas Party, Kenny Roger’s delivers it’s deliciously healthy array of dishes right to your doorstep with it’s catering and bulk order services.

For more details, log on to or call 533-8888 for delivery

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