Funny is The New Sexy, Garlic Butter Roast is The New Kenny

Funny is The New Sexy, Garlic Butter Roast is The New Kenny

Our favorite couple Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico take #RelationshipGoals to a whole new level as they become Kenny Rogers Roasters latest brand ambassadors. It started with video of Solenn eating roasted chicken without disclosing the brand. I didn’t care about the brand, or the chicken. It’s Solenn eating chicken like it’s the best chicken in the world!

Then they released the BTS footage with Nico, and it was funny.

They funny is the new sexy  and I admit, I’m just funny (ok and handsome too) but not sexy. What if you’re both funny and sexy like them. From their pranks, to banters, photoshoots and interviews, there is no doubt that they excite everyone with their antics. This is what inspired Kenny Rogers Roasters to launch the Garlic Butter Roast through an exciting experience called The Awesome Sensessions.

The event was held at Kenny Roger’s Matalino branch in QC where guests where blind folded to and taken on a food journey through hearing, smelling, and tasting guided by a sexy whom I thought was Solenn’s.

We wanted to take everyone through the sensory experience that our Garlic Butter Roast can bring. The home-style goodness of garlic and butter can transform any dish into a tempting and savory meal. That’s why we created an awesome journey to savor this aromatic roasted chicken bit by bit” said Leonardo M. Berba, General Manager of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines.

It’s something new, something I would try and recommend. The new Kenny Roger’s Garlic Butter Roast is light golden brown to golden brown roasted chicken infused with lemon and garlic zest balanced with special herbs and spices.  Almost everyone I know loves garlic butter. You have it on bread, seafood, vegetables, why not chicken too, right? Plus, it is served with Garlic Butter Sauce and garnished with roasted potatoes and garlic cloves.

  • Quarter (Php 160)
  • Half (Php 295)
  • Whole (Php 550)

Garlic Butter Roast Group Meal (PHP820.00) includes one whole Kenny’s Garlic Butter Roast with 4 sides, 4 rice, 4 muffins, and a 1.5 liter drink

Solo B Garlic Butter Roast (PHP250.00) includes the new Kenny’s Garlic Butter Roast with 2 sides, rice, and a muffin.

For more information about the event, check out #sosychick  and #GBR on Instagram or visit Facebook/KennyRogersPH.