KodeGo: Study Now, Pay Later Tech Education for a Digital Philippines

KodeGo: Study Now, Pay Later Tech Education for a Digital Philippines

With over 2,000 graduates, KodeGo boasts impressive results. Many alumni have landed jobs at industry giants like GCash and Accenture. Lorie Pascual, a former music teacher, is a prime example. After the pandemic disrupted her career, she enrolled in KodeGo’s web development bootcamp and successfully transitioned into a web developer role at a Singaporean company.

Another graduate, Lorraine Ostan, exemplifies overcoming challenges. Financial constraints forced her to drop out of college. However, KodeGo’s program empowered her to secure a web design position, eventually progressing to a software engineering role.

Empowering Women in Tech:

KodeGo champions female empowerment in the tech industry. Around 20% of their graduates are women, and this number is steadily growing.

KodeGo’s dedication to equipping Filipinos with the right skills and support is bridging the digital skills gap. Their innovative approach is empowering individuals to secure meaningful careers and contribute to the Philippines’ digital future.

Ready to Upskill?

Visit kodego.ph to learn more, apply online, and take a short assessment test. Upon successful application, you’ll receive contracts and attend an onboarding session to kickstart your tech journey.

Visit kodego.ph to unlock your tech potential.