Kogi Bulgogi Adds KPOP To Its Menu

Kogi Bulgogi Adds KPOP To Its Menu

Kogi Bulgogi adds another sensation to their line up of Korean dishes, the KPOP!  The KPOP is their version of the Korean fried chicken or Yangnyeom chicken in Korean. What makes it different from other Korean style fried chicken is that it isn’t dry, it’s juicy, crunchy and tasty.

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It comes in two variants – sweet  soy and spicy soy. I am a fan of spicy food and I love spicy soy version to me it’s perfect while hanging out with friends and taking shots of lemon soju, an alcohol mixed with lemon juice. It tastes like there isn’t any trace of alcohol at all, but mind you it kicks hard.

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The sweet soy and spicy soy are just the first flavors that KPOP has to offer, more will come to titillate your palettes. Kogi Bulgogi also has a new soup that is right for those who love it spiy, the Sundubu Jigae.It is tofu soup with seafood that has a spicy level of 1 to 15 or even higher if you want to. For me, since I’m into spicy food, I recommend level 10 and above.

not actual photo, taken from koreangallery.com

More than the food, what I love about Kogi Bulgogi is it’s hip look and modern design. For a list of dishes, check out my previous posts HERE and HERE.


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