Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Gateway

Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Gateway

Kogi Bulgogi has invaded Gateway at Araneta Center in Cubao, bringing in great style and good food. The 4th, the biggest, and the most stylish of all the branches yet.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 8

Just like the K-Pop artists, Kogi Bulgogi Gateway is an eye candy, only more than 200sqm bigger. It’s very spacious,  well designed, and trendy. Probably the prettiest Korean restaurant I’ve been to.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 4

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 1

The place is very relaxing even if it’s packed with customers you will still feel comfortable. Great choice of colors and decorations, it really feels K-Pop-ish. You got to check you their remote controlled lamps, it’s worth posting.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 2

As usual, I ordered my favorite, Tuk BulgogiTempura and Tuna Tataki. Some of them I tried the first time like Yuk Hoi Dulsot Bibimbap which has raw meat  and the Kimchi Rice, kimchi, nuff said (I prefer Kim Chui, though).

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 5
Clockwise: Yuk Hoi Dulsot Bibimbap, Kimchi Rice, Tuna Tataki and Tuk Bulgogi

Then there’s the Bibimbap, Tempura and another firsts are the Chicken Ginseng Soup and the Soft Shell Crab Maki.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 6

A new addition to Kogi Bulgogi is the Cafe Soon, only at Gateway. It serves cakes, pastries, coffee, and you know the rest. I tried the Iced Cocoa, and it is good! Something you might want to try when you visit Kogi Bulgogi Gateway. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends if you want to get away from the usual coffee and tea shops.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 7
Stanley can’t help but smile when his drink was served.

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway 3

Kogi Bulgogi Gateway was a surprise. It was not the typical Korean restaurant that feels stiff and serious. It showcased how K-Pop dominated the world, with taste and style.

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