Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Greenhills, Promenade

Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Greenhills, Promenade

Korean invasion has definitely taken over our taste buds, a lot of Korean restaurants are becoming popular; one of them is Kogi Bulgogi.

Kogi (meat) Bulgogi (marinated beef w/ onion) has been delighting fans of Korean food for over 3 years now. They started at Eastwood Mall in April of 2010 and has opened another store in Greenhills, Promenade.

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The place doesn’t actually look like your in Korea, but it will definitely make you feel like home. It’s like eating Korean food in the of comfort of your own home.

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It does have a bit of Korean inspired displays, but not enough to make you feel Korean, that’s where the magic of the chef works. Starting with the awesome line up of appetizers or ban chan. I actually like all of them, specially the sweet and crispy anchovy.

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Starting with everyone’s favorite Japchae, literally means mixture of vegetables. It’s stir fried vermicelli with beef pork and mixed vegetables.  It the perfect choice for diners who are playing safe and still testing the waters. You’ll never go wrong with Japchae.

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Japchae Php 258

Bibimbap includes rice, beef and various vegetables, served in a very how  hot stone bowl with raw egg (ours was served cooked). On the side is a seasoned red pepper paste. The word Bibim is Korean for mixing and Bap means rice. Mix them all up with the amount of red pepper paste of your choice.

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Dolsot Bibimbap Php220

Ssambap is  meat served with lettuce and some dips.  The way it’s eaten is that you wrap the meat and rice with lettuce and dip it and enjoy. Available in Sam Gyup (pork), Chicken, Kalbi (beef) and Bulgogi (marinated beef). It’s one the dish that I enjoy eating not only because it tastes good, but also because the fun in wrapping and dipping.

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Bulgogi Ssambap Php285
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Sam Gyup Sal Ssambap Php285

Kogi Bulgogi also a number of mouth watering seafood extravaganza starting with Tuna Tataki. Fresh tuna dipped in a special vinegar mix, slices of lemon and chives. I’m not a fan of raw fish, but this one is an exception.

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Tuna Tataki Php320

The Tuna and Salmon Sashimi looks great, but I didn’t even try it. I really can’t take raw fish. My wife says that if you add wasabi, it will make waves into your taste buds and leaves you swimming for more. I still didn’t try it.

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Tuna Sashimi Php195 and Salmon Sashimi Php275 

Kon Chi Gui or Salt Grilled Mackerel . I’m used to eating mackerel in a can, and I love it. It’s probably the first time I’ve eaten a mackerel grilled, and it’s not going to be the last. I love how it’s grilled just right and seasoned only with salt brings out the taste of mackerel that I truly like.

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Kon Chi Gui Php240

Another favorite aside from Japchae is theTuk Bulgogi, a well marbled premium imported beef, golden mushrooms, tofu, vegetables, and glass noodles on light sauce. Served on a hop stone pot, cooked and simmered on your table

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Tuk Bulgogi Php395

Kogi Bulgogi has a delightful fare of Korean dishes with Bulgogi being the bestseller. Other favorites in the restaurant are the Soft Shell Crab Salad, Sae-u Twigim, Deungshim Gui, and Kimchi. Aside from its distinct spicy flavors, Korean cuisine noticeably balances their meals with vegetables which makes for an ideal dining experience.

Visit their branches at Eastwood Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall and new branch at Greenhils, Promenade just in time for our Christ shopping at Greenhills shopping center.

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