Kuya Kim on Promoting Wellness

Kuya Kim on Promoting Wellness

Having survived and triumph over a severe health condition, Kuya Kim Atienza is the best representation of “Living Well.” Eating the right food and exercising  regularly is what brought him to back in to shape.

His stroke affected the part of his brain that stores memory and knowledge, Kuya Kim recalled the day experience stroke during the incident he couldn’t say a word or give instructions. He was truly lucky and blessed to have the people around him focused, they didn’t panic and was in control of the situation.

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Kuya Kim fought back by living well and living healthy. He has now joined numerous marathons and also Iron-Man competition where participants will swim, run and bike kilometers long for hours. His life is an inspiration to all, a great example of living healthy that’s why he was chosen by Robinson’s Supermarket as their Wellness Ambassador.


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Kuya Kim has been a loyal customer of Robinson’s Supermarket aside from being near their home in Ermita, also because of its variety of healthy options available in their Health and Wellness section.

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He mostly visits the Health and Wellness section because of it extensive assortment of products that are low in sugar, zero-transfat and cholesterol free. He also brings home fresh produce, lean meats, fish, poultry and dairy from the other sections.

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The I Love Wellness campaign encourages market goers to be health conscious, they will be providing free bone and dental checkups, skin and hair analysis, BMI reading, cholesterol tests. They will also host and Zumba classes and many other wellness programs that promote a completely healthy lifestyle.

To also help in spreading awareness Robinson’s Supermarket came up with smart labeling.

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I admire Kuya Kim’s determination and passion for healthy living. One just needs to be conscious of what their eating and start exercising. Here are some of his thoughts about health:

  • I am a voracious reader and I love absorbing and sharing information,
  • Relationships should also be healthy. Thus quality time with my family is always a priority,
  • No amount of success can compensate for bad health and I am glad Robinsons Supermarket takes care of this aspect of my life.

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