Leonie Agri Corp Farm at Nueva Ecija

I’ve had quite a few tours of Organic Farms in the Luzon. I’ve gone up the mountains in Baguio and Sagada – Organic Agriculture Part 1 and Organic Agriculture Part 2, and also visited an organic farm in the south – Bangkong Kahoy Valley: A Treasure Between The Mountains. These organic farms produce were mostly vegetables and I learned a lot about organic farming in these trips. About a week ago I was able to experience different type of organic farm, a medicinal farm.

Lagundi Farm

Located in Nueva Ecija, Leonie Agri Farm or LAC Farms is a certified GAP or Good Agricultural Products. It’s 40 hectare land has a wide variety of local medicinal plants that are 100% organic. At the farm, we were welcomed with a refreshing concoction of lemon grass tea  with honey and lemon, and servings of steamed cassava. After a short briefing, we were given a tour of the farm by sir Andy from LAC Farms.

Lagundi Farm 1

Just right at the entrance of the farm there already a lot of medicinal plants that are flourishing. Some are already familiar adn some are unheard of, but all has their own medicinal uses.

Lagundi Farm 2

Here’s what I learned in just a few minutes in the farm:

  • Sambong can help dissolve kidney stones.
  • Tsaang Gubat can relieve stomach pain.
  • Akapulko cures fungi infection
  • Pineapples are not just desserts, it can flush out intestinal worm
  • Pandan which is usually used for cooking can also help lower temperature during fever
  • Gotu Kola is a memory enhancer herb
  • Kataka-taka increases white blood cells that fight infection
  • Yerba Buena a pain reliever with a minty smell.
  • Sabila or commonly known as aloe vera, aids cuts, burns, eczema, and falling hair
  • Tawa-tawa is used to cure dengue and I can attest to that.
  • Santan is now being studied for cancer treatment.

I don’t know if they offer overnight stay in the farm, but I would love to if possible. The place is just so relaxing and I don’t mind staying for a day or two.

Lagundi Farm 3

Andy also toured us to see the star of the LAC Farm, Lagundi. On our way, we passed by a covered garden were they have tomatoes and other vegetables, and we also passed by a house where they cultivate worms.

Lagundi Farm 4

Lagundi Farm 5

The Lagundi plants occupy most of the land and it as to marked to be properly taken care of.

Lagundi Farm 6

The Lagundi plants that you se here are the same plants that is usd by Ascof for its herbal medicine. Ascof Lagundi is an herbal cough medicine by Pascual Laboraties and you can be assued that these lagundi plants are 100% organic. Ascof Lagundi was the very FIRST (original) Lagundi cough medicine launched in the Philippines in 1996. It is now 19 years in the market.

Lagundi Farm 7In the farming process alone, Pascual Lab Inc has standardized the species of Lagundi, type of soil, harvesting process, sterilization process, etc. The plant manufacturing process follow certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes).

Lagundi cough medicine has been scientifically validated and proven effective with several clinical trials conducted by the NIRPROMP (National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants) which is composed of doctor-scientists from UP Manila. This research was funded by the DOST under the PCHRD (Philippine Council for Health Research and Development).

After the trip, we had our organic lunch courtesy of the organic farm, prepared by the organic chef and had a little chat with celebrity couple that had gone an organic transformation, Robin and Mariel Padilla.

Lagundi Farm 8

Robin and Mariel have been known to be vocal and proud to have been living clean for the past three years. They have grown their own little organic garden where they have eggplant, tomatoes, calamansi, and other plants and herbs that they used for everyday cooking and supplements.

Lagundi Farm 9

In his recent MMFF movie, Robin played Andres Bonifacio, the father of the Philippines revolution, in real life he is an advocate of the green revolution. Each house, building, or establishment should have their own organic garden and promote green living. Robin even went to Spain, Sweden, and other countries to study about organic farming.Robin and Mariel also points out that you are what you eat, it reflects how you love yourself, and the people around you. Although Mariel isn’t part of the Pascual Lab Inc family, she is a proud supporter of organic living and of course her husband, Robin.

Lagundi Farm 0

Organic living has made a big impact in their lives, and now they are sharing the good news, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.

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