Larry & Mau Diner

Larry & Mau Diner

Duos or partners have always been very successful because as they say, two heads are better than one. Working together they only have one goal, to entertain or uplift lives. DC Comics gave us Batman and Robin, the Philipine Entertainment Industry gave us Dolphy and Panchito.  Now an emerging duo has continually been providing delicious meals satisfying our craving for good food. Ladies and gentlemen, we have Larry and Mau, the Dynamic Duo of Resto’s.

They were featured in the July 15 episode of Rated K.  The rags-to-riches story of Larry Cortez and Mauro Arjona Jr. has inspired many and they continue to be role models as they build their empire and share their blessings. From being waiter and dishwasher, respectively, Larry and Mau now own six brands which include the fast-growing chain Uncle Cheffy, Old Vine Grille, Chefs’ Quarter Restaurant and Wine Bar, Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine, Beurre Blanc French-Mediterranean Restaurant and now, Larry & Mau Diner.

What separates Larry & Mau Diner to from their group of restaurant is it’s fast food ambiance, it’s open 24hrs and price is also competitive compared with other fast food giants.

It may look, feel and priced like fast food but the menu definitely retains it class.  At Larry & Mau Diner a rice meal can go as low as P79.00.

Nachos Salad with Chili con Carne – P95.00
Fish Paillard P135.00

Le Paillard means flattened meat. It comes in pork, fish and chicken served with rice or fries, carrots and corn, pinoy steak sauce or mustard sauce.

Pork Paillard P39.00

 You’ll also love their Spanish-American Torta, a tasty twist to an ordinary meal. I honestly don’ like Torta’s much but this is how Torta’s should be done at home. I also liked the special dip they have with it, tomato,cucumber, onion and some other stuff that only chefs would recognize.

Spiced Pork and Eggplant P89.00
Pork Afritada P89.00
Tuna and Cheese Melt P95.00

For those who love chicken, you’re in for a treat because their Roasted Chicken starts at P79 only for one piece, served with rice, carrots and corn and barbeque sauce. They also have the all time favorite, Buffalo Wings which starts at P150 for 150gms, served with rice.

8 pcs. Roasted Chicken P495 / 2 pcs. Roasted Chicken P140
150gm Buffalo Wings P120

 All pasta meals are at P89 only. You can choose from Creamy Carbonara, All Meat Pomodoro and Seafood Marinara.

All Meat Pomodoro
Seafood Marinara

Crispy Fried Pork Ribs is served with rice, carrots and corn and garlic spiced sauce for only P99 for two piece. You can order the family platter for 8pcs of Crispy Fried Pork Ribs for only P450.

Crispy Friend Pork Ribs P99

I’m now down to the last three I’ve tried and this deserves to be in your must eat list. First is the U.S. Beef Steak Tender, served with mashed potatoes or fries, carrots and corn, pinoy sauce or mustard sauce.  The beef is perfectly cooked giving you a taste of fine dining restaurant in every tender-juicy bite for a price of a fast food restaurant.

U.S. Beef Steak Tender (4 oz) P230

If you love burgers, you better prepare your self for this one, the Super Burger. One pound of pure beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and cucumber bits on a huge bun, perfect for the family.

Super Burger, (1 lb) P395 / LM Burger P90 / LM Burger with Fries P110

Now everyone’s favorite is the Smoked Boiled Bacon. Bacon chunks made by Chef Mau were very tasty, the smokey taste of it leaves you wanting more of it. It’s served with rice by the way. I didn’t notice the rice, I was hypnotized by the smell of smoked bacon and enjoyed it’s soup and every bite of the bacon.

Smoked Boiled Bacon P175

As for desserts, they have Mango Mousse Torte P55, Chocolate Mousse P49 and Banoffee P49.

The Dynamic Duo of Resto’s never run out of  ideas. I wonder what they have in store next? Larry & Mau Diner is definitely a must try because once you do, you’ll forget all other fast food restaurants you’ve been to. Larry & Mau is perfect for the Filipino taste buds but most especially the Filipino budget.

Larry & Mau Diner opened at TwoE-comCenter, Mall of Asia Complex last February 2012. Another branch (a franchise), recently opened at Eton Centris Walk, Quezon City.

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