Lipton – A Refreshing Taste of Real Ice Tea in A Bottle

Lipton – A Refreshing Taste of Real Ice Tea in A Bottle

In a tropical country like the Philippines, where even the monsoon season can get humid at times, a refreshing drink is always a must-have especially when braving the urban jungle.

According to Katrina Paras, Lipton Ice Tea Brand Manager, the global tea brand is evolving to fit the preference and lifestyle of a new generation of cold tea drinkers.

Lipton[1]“Lipton has a rich global history and a renowned heritage of shaping the way people enjoy real and top quality tea, wherever they are in the world,” she said. “As a brand, Lipton Ice Tea represents positivity because its uniquely refreshing taste can certainly lighten up any situation.  Lipton Ice Tea is made from real tea extracts which help uplift your mood.”

Because of its authentic tea formulation, Lipton also packs the known health benefits of tea with no artificial flavors and with low calories. The top-selling Red Tea variant is only 30 calories per 100 ml bottle. This makes it an ideal choice for today’s perennially on-the-go millennials who are always on the lookout for quality products to fuel their lifestyles and passions.

Paras added, “This is an exciting year for Lipton. We’re jumpstarting positive change and we can’t wait to have everyone on board.”

Lipton Ice Tea is available in three variants—lemon, red tea and green tea. Visit Lipton Philippines’ official Facebook page for updates at

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