Raise Kids to Be Champions of Change, Climate Change

Raise Kids to Be Champions of Change, Climate Change

Climate change is real, and it’s not going to stop. Although we are doing something about it, it’s not going to be instant. It’ll take decades, if not centuries to bring things back to when the world was healthy. Since we won’t be around to do so, we have all the chances in the world to teach our children its value.

There are Youtube videos or documentaries online but the danger of misinformation is still there, plus the distraction of recommended videos. I still recommend getting a good book to teach you and tickle your imagination. I have a lot of eBooks on my tablet but I still prefer physical books for kids to make them value the book and also avoid distraction (it also won’t hurt if they drop it). I also prefer telling my children “kakabasa mo yan ng libro.” instead of “kaka-computer mo yan!

Since we can’t go out to buy books during the pandemic, or even if we’re allowed to, I recommend staying indoors and buy them online. I know a site if you’re Looking For Juan.

Looking for Juan is an online store with social responsibility at its core. It was put up in 2019 to promote public appreciation of Philippine art and culture, and to champion children’s literacy.

If you want to teach your kids about climate change and how they can contribute to heal the world (and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race) I recommend reading “I am the Change in Climate Change” from Looking for Juan. It is authored by UP Professor of Geology, Dr. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay featuring artworks by the members of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK), the country’s only organization of visual artists for kids. The UBS-funded book is published by the Center for Art, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development (CANVAS).

The book features child friendly illustrations which I really love. I remember all the children’s book we have when my son was still growing, we have over two hundred of them from different local publishers. We have donated most of it already and kept our favorites. The book also includes interactive worksheets and most importantly age-appropriate language.

Climate change was discussed in ways that a normal kid can understand and the book gave practical and easy day-to-day practices to empower kids to contribute in spreading awareness and promote environmental stewardship. Because it not just about recycling, or garbage segregation, there is a lot more to it and this book teaches kids through activities as well.

Dr. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay was awarded 2020 PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year in the Field of Geology by the the Professional Regulation Commission. You can also watch her talk about “Fossils: Windows to the Earth’s Past”

I Am the Change in Climate Change” retails for P350 at www.lookingforjuan.com. Every purchase of this book is matched by a donation to two Filipino kids in disadvantaged communities through the online store’s Buy-1-Donate-2 program, in support of CANVAS’ “One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children” Campaign.

For more information on products and partnerships, visit www.lookingforjuan.com or contact lookingforjuan.store@gmail.com.