Lunch, Dinner, Birthdays and John Lloyd and Sarah

My wife’s week long birthday celebration started with a trip to Bulacan, a trip she does every year. It’s her way clearing the cache she had for the past year. Seeing the trees she grew up with and the field where she ran and got a couple bruises is like breathing again, plus having small conversations with relatives connects her to her roots.


The next day was late afternoon lunch with high school and college friends at Chef’s Quarter (thanks Nana) where they have generous servings of delectable dishes at a very reasonable price. It was an afternoon filled with loud conversations and louder laughter and the food didn’t go unnoticed. 


After the loud, later afternoon lunch we headed to the restaurant next door and ordered our favorite gelato cakes.


A few days after we were watching our most awaited John Lloyd – Sarah movie, It Takes a Man and a Woman, courtesy of another celebrant. It was a movie will watch over and over again and never get tired of. Then it was dinner at Mesa courtesy of the same celebrant.


Then after two days we were back watching the same movie but now with her pretty nieces. We laughed as hard as we did with the first time we saw it and tears fell still even after seeing it already.


Birthdays are constant reminders that we are not getting any younger, but visiting her province, eating with friends and watching a Sarah – Johm Lloyd movie is like her fountain of youth, something that reminds her that age is just a number.


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