Food Panda Maginhawa St. Food Crawl – Katz Diner

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Aside from Kapitolyo in Pasig City, Maginhawa St in Quezon City is also popular among foodies, both of them showcase tastes and experiences out of the ordinary. I’ve visited and dined at a couple of food places at Kapitolyo since it’s just a few minutes away from home, and thanks to Food Panda I was able to get a taste of what Maginhawa St. has to offer.

Our first stop is a famous all-day breakfast restaurant – Katz Diner. If you’ll ask me, it is the right place to start your Maginhawa St. Food Crawl.

Katz Diner

Welcoming us at Katz Diner is Broadway music playing in the background and a serving of Grilled Pork Steak. It has tender cuts of marinated pork, served with fried egg, pickled vegetables and a dipping sauce. The pork steak is grilled just right, it does not have much burned parts, it was seared to perfection. It’s thick yet tender. The slices of tomato, cucumber, carrot, and radish are added not just to add colors to the plate, but because it compliments the pork steak. I was expecting fried rice though.

Katz Diner 1

I have always had my tocino fried, this next dish taught me a new way of cooking it – grilled. The Grilled Pork Tocino comes with fried egg, rice and veggies. The tocino is fatless and because it was grilled, there were no caramelized parts of it. I have to try making one at home.

Katz Diner 2

My favorite among all the plates is the Longganisa. Their longganisa is cooked and served loose and mixed with salsa. It comes with scrambled egg and steamed rice.This is the first time I saw and tasted longganisa with salsa, and it won’t be the last because I will try to recreate this at home. I just hope that I can come close to how good it was at Katz Diner.

Katz Diner 3

Something worth dying for is the last plate Kats Diner served us during out Food Crawl. Forget your clogged arteries for a while and help yourselves with Roast Pork Belly. It comes with mashed sweet potato, gravy, fried egg, gravy, chimichurri sauce.

Katz Diner 4

For refreshments they have Tea-Based (brewed from real tea leaves), Milk Tea and Yakult-based tea. The Yakult-based tea we had is the green tea, they also have grapefruit, strawberry and rose petal.

Katz Diner 6

For the dessert, they served their famous, Lava Cake. You have to put this on your list when you get to visit Katz Diner or order it via Food Panda.

Katz Diner 5

Ordering via Food Panda is pretty easy, I had ordered food through Food Panda before and it was a breeze. You can either do it via app (iOS and Android) or via web. Just sign up and give them your address. Food Panda will show you their partner restaurants within your location. Once you place your order, expect a call from the restaurant for confirmation. Your order can be paid via credit card or cash on delivery.

Food Panda

What I love about it is it makes ordering and delivery an easy task. You have the menu with you and you don’t have to call the restaurant, they’ll call you. Too bad Katz Diner isn’t within our location I would have ordered the longganisa and the roast pork belly.

Katz Diner 7

Katz Diner is just the first of four restaurants that I visited during the Food Panda Maginhawa Street Food Crawl. We still have Casa Quesadillas, Homies, and Big B Burger. Watch out for it!

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