Mall of Asia’s International Food Fest – Sbarro

Participating in the SM Mall of Asia’s International Food Fest, proudly representing the land of pizza and pasta, Sbarro. Its unique servings of pizza and pasta have caught the attention of many pizza-pasta loving Filipinos.

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For the Mall of Asia’s International Food Fest they will be serving a three dishes that has never been served yet and we were the lucky few to have the first bite. Starting with the new Spaghetti Pomodoro with Italian Sausage.

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The Italian sausage, without a doubt, is a the best addition, but I just want to commend Sbarro for adding in fresh basil and tomatoes. It reminds me of what my wife prepares at home. I just love the smell and the taste of fresh basil.

A new addition to the Sbarro pizza line up is the Sicilian Square Pizza.

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The pizza comes with fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, and topped with slices of Italian Soppressata, but for me what makes it special is how it was prepared. The pizza dough is soft that it actually melts inside the mouth (promise!). I guess it has something to do with adding the cheese first then, the toppings, I’m not sure. It was pre-baked, then they add the soppressata and bakes it for another fifteen minutes.

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I hope this gets added to the line up soon as this is one pizza that is worth trying, I just want t warn you  that it can be addicting.

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Before heading to our last destination, they served the new cinnamon rolls. The Cinnamon Rolls comes in Caramel Frosting and Cream Cheese Frosting. The cinnamon rolls will be part of the Sbarro Cafe, which will be available in some of the branches. They will be offering coffee, and some other pastries. These rolls are signs of better things to come, something to look forward to.

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There will also be cooking demos during the event, participating restaurants for the cooking demos are Tempura and Sbarro on September 5, Claw Daddy, New Orleans and Vikings on September 12, 5:30 onwards.

The SM Mall of Asia International Food Fest runs from September 5 -30 and for every order of the Special East Dish from the participating restaurant, ins this case Sbarro’s  Sicilian Square Pizza and the  Spaghetti Pomodoro with Italian Sausage, you get a raffle coupon that would entitle you to win

  • 1st Prize: Two (2) round-trip tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Air Asia Zest, hotel accommodation via Air Asia Go and a tour package
  • 2nd Prize: One (1) round-trip ticket to any Air Asia Zest destination in the Philippines and Php 15,000 worth of Gift Certificates from IHOP
  • 3rd Prize: One (1) round-trip ticket to any Air Asia Zest destination in the Philippines and Php 10,000 worth of Gift Certificates from IHOP.

Also, stay connected with Mall of Asia social media accounts Twitter: @TheMallofAsia – Instagram: @TheMallofAsiaOfficial – Facebook: and Two (2) lucky foodies will get a chance to dine with culinary luminaries at an exclusive Chef’s Table meal plus each will also get two (2) round-trip tickets to any Air Asia Zest domestic destinations for their online contests.



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