Mang Juan For Every Juan

Mang Juan For Every Juan

Chicharon is one of my favorite Pinoy snack, unfortunately it’s also the one that I avoid. The thought of having absorbing all the cholesterol it offers is scary. But it all changed when I met Mang Juan.

Made of dehydrated green peas but with the look and taste of real fried pork rinds sans the cholesterol, the snack comes in exciting flavors that are uniquely Pinoy. It captures the “Pinoy sarap” goodness of good old-fashioned chicharon in three exciting flavors.  I didn’t what it was made up of until now. It really didn’t taste anything like tapioca pearl. It tasted like the real thing, only better.

It comes is three Pinoy na Pinoy flavors: The Sukang Paombong has the inimitable tang of native Pinoy vinegar, while Espesyal Suka’t Sili provides a uniquely Pinoy spicy kick. Meanwhile, Spicy Sisig tastes just like the real thing, making it the perfect pulutan alternative. All three will delightfully bring snack lovers together, enhancing fun times shared with friends, family and most specially, drinking buddies.

In capturing the “Pinoy Taste” Mang Juan will also be launching a variety of our favorite Pinoy snacks beginning with Mang Juan’s Shing-a-Ling that comes in Asin Ti Ilokos and Adobo flavors.  Then they aslo launched my all-time favorite, Mang Juan Cornik that comes in salted flavor.  I honestly can’t wait for the other Pinoy snacks that they will be releasing, I hope there’s banana chips and sampalok candies lined up.

Mang Juan is of course endorsed by Canadian Youtube sensation and a  proud Juan himself – Mikey Bustos.


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