Getting To Know Mark Lapid

Getting To Know Mark Lapid

One of the perks about being a blogger is being up close and personal with celebrities and other personalities. Interviewing them is the best part, getting to know them, understanding them and seeing more than what is shown beyond the curtain. A few days ago, I was able to meet, for the first time, senatorial candidate Mark Lapid.


Former Governor of Pampanga, Actor, and the GM / Chief Operating Officer of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority  since 2009. That’s one thing I didn’t know about him, all the while I thought he went on with his private life after his term as governor. I guess he enjoys serving people and serving good food at Locavore. I just have to squeeze that it because I really love the food there.


As an appointed TEZA GM and Chief Operating Officer his duty is to develop, manage and supervise tourism infrastructure projects in the country. Supervise and regulate the cultural, economic and environmentally sustainable development of TEZs toward the primary objective of encouraging investments.

Mark has been hands on with the rehabilitation of old churches that were damages by the recent earthquake and typhoons, the rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement of current facilities, museum, tourist spots and working with the local government to give the locals an additional sources of income.


During the conversation you can see and feel how passionate he is about his advocacy on tourism, he believes that tourism has a lot to contribute in our economy.Tourism isn’t just about creating parks or beautification, according to Mark, it also means keeping peace and order, a fast and efficient transportation, improvement and expansion of our international airports, encouraging foreign businesses to invest, and a lot more. He plans to maximize our other airports to give MIA and NAIA  some breathing space and making room for more international flights for tourist and businesses.


His father, former senator Lito Lapid, may have not been liked by many but his accomplishments and the number of bills past speaks louder than any senator he is with. He plans to be the more vocal, expressive version of his dad. “We are all aware kung ano yung issue sa tatay ko, ako rin alam ko din ho yun, pero sinasabi ko siguro, gusto kong ipakita na, tayo yung better version kung baga upgraded version ng father ko …“ Mark Lapid explained. When asked what was his fathers reaction with his decision “Pinag-aral naman kita sa maganda paaralan, di ka naman nagbulakbol, nagsibli sa Pampganga as governor, I’m sure you will do better.” he concluded.


Mark Lapid applied to be part of the senatorial slate of Liberal Party together with Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo. He presented his resume, accomplishments, and was happy that he has been selected. He is happy with the current administration, as a GM of TEZA, he has seen a lot of positive changes and he wants to continue “Daang Matuwid” and promote, improve, harness the power or tourism to help the economy, and create jobs for the people. We have had bad experiences with celebrity turned politicians, will Mark break the curse? I hope he does.

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