Marriott Café Adds A Teppanyaki Station

Marriott Café Adds A Teppanyaki Station

Who doesn’t like Japanese food? You will find them anywhere in the world except Japan because they’re simply called “food” there.   From sushi to sashimi to anything in between, Japanese is one cuisine that is incomparable to anywhere in the world–it’s tasty and offer large variety of dishes and regional specialties. I am also a big fan of Japanese food except sushi, raw fish. I only tried it once and never got to like it. Japanese are also known for having long life, basically because of what they eat.

Marriott Café come to terms with the fact that Japan will be forever loved for its culinary offerings with a classic appeal, the restaurant is adding a teppanyaki station, grilling only the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork, and chicken. If you’re in the mood to get filled with something like this, look no further as chef Meik Brammer makes everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.

Derived from the word “teppan” or iron plate, this side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices: Gyuniko (diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Tori (diced chickem with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Shake Teppanyaki (salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce); and Kaisen (mixed seafood with vegetable in sweet and spicy garlic sauce). 

I ordered a couple of teppanyaki dishes to try them out and I enjoyed watching this chef prepare it as he shows some cooking flaring or whatever you may call it. I enjoyed how he prepared it but I enjoyed the teppanyaki the most.

I don’t know how they do it but the beef was perfectly cooked. It’s tender and flavorful. Beef has always been the most difficult meat to cook for me as it requires a lot of cooking time to tender.  It was done in just a few spatula strokes and a bit of  dancing.  He deserves a pat in the back. right chef Meik Brammer?

The teppanyaki station is the busiest at the Marriott Café at the moment as it is the latest addition to it’s ever growing variety of international cuisines so I suggest you head to it first as it will be flocked by buffet eaters and you’ll have to wait in line. But why wait when you can enjoy the rest of the food selections. Buffet price still remains at P1,750. Watch out for promos because they already have cut down the price to 50% before and they might do it again.

You can check out other photos of Marriott Café’s food selections here:

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