Masterpieces is Samsung’s Digital Art Gallery

Masterpieces is Samsung’s Digital Art Gallery

25 of our local artists joined Samsung in support of digital arts made possible by the Masterpieces application. A digital art gallery was installed at the Ayala Museum showcasing digital arts made with GALAXY Note 10.1GALAXY Note 8.0 and GALAXY Tab (10.1) by Alwin Reamillo, Costantino Zicarelli, Dex Fernandez, Don Salubayba, , Ernest Concepcion, Imelda Cajipe-Endaya, , Igan D’ Bayan, Jason Montinola, Jose John Santos III, Josephine Turalba, Mariano Ching  Mark Salvatus, Mideo Cruz, Nikki Luna, Norberto Roldan, Pam Yan-Santos, Pow Martinez, Romeo Lee, , Victor Balanon,  Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Samsung MasterPiece (4 of 4)

The Samsung Masterpieces app enables artists to create, share and be recognized in a larger audience with a faster response time. It also hopes to successfully build a local art community using built-in social networking tools to express and share appreciation for the arts. This encourages Filipinos of all ages to unleash their creativity and join in thousands of enthusiasts, experts and even beginners in sharing their love and passion for creating art—more than just an app, Masterpieces is a modern facet in culture cultivation in society today.

I have tried creating(doodling) art my self using a SketchBook app, mostly cartoon characters. The digital artworks I saw at the exhibit are worth hanging on a wall or better yet displayed on a Samsung Smart TV, which I still have convince Santa to give me this Christmas. I am a fan of Filipino arts, music and specially paintings and here are some of my favorites at the exhibit.

Samsung MasterPiece (2 of 4)

Samsung MasterPiece (1 of 4)

I can’t believe this was all done using a tablet. A crowd favorite is Claro Ramirez Jr. (thanks K! ) because of his use of augmented reality in his art. A  painting automatically comes to life when you point device’s camera to his art.

Samsung MasterPiece (3 of 4)

The Masterpieces Exhibit will be in the Ayala Museum from December 10 to 14, 2014. The Masterpieces application is available exclusively on Samsung Apps and Google Play, optimised for a range of Samsung devices such as the GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY Note 8.0 and GALAXY Tab (10.1), also exclusively available in Samsung Smart TV.

Check out the exhibit also at more of the artworks of the featured artists both locally and from other Asian countries

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