Miming and Friends Promote Composting with Mondelēz International

Miming and Friends Promote Composting with Mondelēz International

Miming and Friends, a popular Filipino YouTube series, teams up with Mondelēz International and Save Philippine Seas (SPS) to make composting fun and educational for kids and families. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of sustainable snacking and responsible waste management.

Building on Success: Empowering the Next Generation

Following the success of previous episodes on waste segregation and plastic recycling, the new installment tackles biodegradable waste management. The animated characters, led by Cat-Fish Miming and friends, explore the wonders of composting through engaging storytelling and catchy songs.

Miming and Friends aligns with Mondelēz International’s commitment to “Sustainable Snacking,” which promotes not only delicious products but also environmental responsibility. “We aim to instill environmental consciousness in children,” says Caitlin Punzalan, Philippine Lead for Corporate and Government Affairs at Mondelēz International. “Through accessible YouTube content, we empower families to participate in waste management from a young age.”

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

This partnership reflects a shared vision between Mondelēz International, Miming and Friends, and SPS. “We’re excited to continue creating educational content that empowers children as environmental stewards,” says Anna Oposa, Chief Mermaid and Executive Director of SPS. “By teaching kids about composting, we’re building a foundation for a more sustainable future.”

Miming and Friends’ entertaining and informative approach makes learning about composting enjoyable. This initiative, along with Mondelēz International’s commitment to a circular plastic economy, paves the way for a greener Philippines.