Move It with Mober

Move It with Mober

It’s no denying that services like Uber and Grab has revolutionized the way we commute. It’s safe and effective, making it the better alternative. But what if you want to move larger items, like huge packages, moving in to a new house, or you bought a new refrigerator, how do you transport it? How do you move it? Easy, with Mober!

Mober is a 100% Filipino owned and managed logistics company for businesses and private individuals. Imagine purchasing a new dining table and they charge for delivery, but it will not be until three days. Then you clear your schedule just so you can accommodate the delivery because they did not give a you an ETA. With Mober you can just simply use the app to book a van or truck and have it delivered to your place the same day. No time wasted.

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For businesses, if you have to deliver a package but all your delivery vans are occupied, just book one with Mober and your good to go; or you have a van that just parked there gathering dust, you can generate additional income from it thru Mober.


Using Mober is easy:

  1. Book a Van, VanPlus or Truck(coming soon), and select your pick up point and destination. You get to see the pricing details right away.
  2. You can schedule a booking if you want it on a later date, and you can also track your vehicle once booked.
  3. You can share the ETA with the recipient so that they can also track the package.
  4. To ensure quality of service, you can rate the driver/service once the delivery is complete.

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The minimum fare is Php500.00 for Van and Php 750.00 for a VanPlus service, wherein a van porter can help load and unload the items from point to point. The base Fare is Php250 and Php450 respectively, with additional Php25.00 per kilometer and Php2.50 per minute. At the moment, Mober services are on cash basis.


Additional Information:

  • There are no peak/off-peak rates
  • Only within Metro Manila (for now)
  • Hazardous items aren’t prohibited
  • Vans have no back seats to accommodate packages
  • No, you can’t use them for kidnapping
  • Domestic animals can be transported
  • The cargo is also insured for up to P50,000
  • For heavy emotional baggage, call Dr. Love or Papa Jack.
  • Available 24/7

Van Fleet

Delivery services was already bound to happen when the Grab and Uber came. A lot of start up businesses will benefit in the use of delivery services while they’re still saving up to buy their own vans or trucks. The inconsistencies of rates and safety of the package are the reasons why private individuals will chose Mober over the “Lipat Bahay” ads you see posted on electric posts.

Mober will change the way we transport goods, services and new beginnings. It’s a good start because I know others will follow, but it pays to be the first. So if you want to move it, do it with Mober.

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