Conquering Nature with Mojo Sandals

Conquering Nature with Mojo Sandals

Aside from friends, I had one other supporter that helped climbed the mountains of Benguet and survived that caves of Sagada – Mojo Sandals, it is proudly 99% Filipino.

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“… been with the Motion of the Ocean and the Fountain of the Mountain.”

The rubber used came from rubber trees grown in the highlands of Bukidnon and Marikina  and processed in the shoe factories located in Antipolo and  Marikina.  Finished products are distributed and sold by a Filipino company  Outward Bound Gear Inc.

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These sandals get a good grip at nature because it’s one with nature. It was made to conquer the trails that nature has prepared for our adventures.

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They’re not just tough and comfortable, but it is also has trendy designs that you you’d love to wear. It not only makes feel good, but look good too, right Enzo?

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Check out their website to get a glimpse of their designs –

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