Mr Donut Is Now Mr Donut Cafe

Mr Donut Is Now Mr Donut Cafe

Mr. Donut ain’t Mr. Donut anymore, it’s has now evolved in to a more friendly and lively. Presenting the Mr. Donut Cafe!



As you can see, Mr. Donut had one major overhaul. The new look was derived from Japan, the official distributor of Mr. Donut in all of Asia.



Those huge red chairs is a deal breaker. I would definitely go in and try it out when I see it. I want to know how it feels like sitting in it plus it’s a perfect for profile pics.
The new look gave it a more inviting feel ending the stop-buy-go cyle. It’s so cozy you’ll rather dine in than take them out. Along with this makeover come new items to turn your visit into a complete dining experience. Enjoy Pastas, Burgers, Milkshakes and even All-Day Breakfast meals.





Adding temptations to an already inviting ambiance are the meals that came with the new look. The Wagyu Donut Burger and the Swiss Chocolate milk shake is a good combination. A feel good meal is what perfectly describes it.


The star of the new Mr Donut are the Pon de Rings.  The fluffy and chewing ring donuts took Japan by storm and now sending it’s waves to the Philippines. It’s fun at every bite , I enjoyed every bite of it, paired with a hot cup of coffee. If it isn’t chewy, it not a Pon de Ring. 



Converting Mr Donuts store are into Mr Donut Cafe is already in the plans. Mr Donut Megamall will be next. In the meantime had to Mister Donut Philippines’ flagship store at the Greenhills Shopping Complex the first Mr Donut Cafe.

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