Revisiting My Singapore Food Street

I’ve never been to Singapore but whenever I feel like going there, I just eat Singaporean food. You can tell a lot about a country’s culture just by eating its food. I’ve been to My Singapore Food Street more than any other Singaporean restaurants because it’s near our place(Megamall), and its food is great value for money.

My Singapore

The last time I attended their event was about getting to know the place, the food, and the people – Now Open – My Singapore Food Street. This time I got to know what’s inside their heart – the kitchen.

My Singapore 1

I’ve been inside a couple of kitchens and this was actually the first kitchen I’ve been to that  has no, cubed or powdered MSGs. It’s all natural and the dishes are cooked the way it was supposed to, no short cuts.

My Singapore (40 of 44)

Each dish is cooked and prepared in a way that you can feel and taste that you are eating at the Singapore Hawker Center. The Chicken Rice is served as it should be – cold. Customers are surprised and expecting it to be hot right of the oven, but no, cold is how it is originally. They use Jasmati rice, and it is cooked with ginger, lemon grass, pandan, and a bit of salt. It isn’t mixed with any powder for taste or color. It’s all natural.

My Singapore 3

My Singapore 2

My Singapore 7

My Singapore 8

My Singapore 4

My Singapore 6

All of the food that I am featuring here were already featured earlier HERE. I will just my favorite a special mention, the  Laksa made  with luglug noodles in coconut creamy soup topped with fish cake, togue, baby prawn and boiled egg. It’s what I order all the time.

My Singapore 5

My Singapore Food Street positions itself as a bridge between fast food and casual dining. They serve food fast, fresh and delicious. Visit My Singapore Food Street at Megamall and find out what fast-casual dining is all about.

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